Jiangsu Shuanghui Power Development Co., Ltd., to do business as JS Hardware, started hardware and fitting business Since 1995. JS Hardware has more than 20 years of experienced R&D team and skilled human resources. We are the major hardware and fittings supplier of China’s first AC 750kV, 1000kV, DC800kV transmission line.



JS Hardware is located 1.5 hours of driving distance to Nanjing, and 3.5 hours of driving distance to Shanghai.


1) UHV(750kV-1000kV) Transmission Line Hardware & Fittings
2) Hardware and Fittings for Transmission & Distribution Line
3) Substation Connectors

Quick Facts:

  • No. of Employees: 380
  • No. of Engineers: 40
  • Workshop Area: 70,000 Square Meters
  • Domestic Market Share in the 2016 year in China:
    • 750kV and above Line Project: Approx.10%
    • 500kV Line Project: Approx. 6%

International Standard

  • IEC:
    • IEC 61284-Overhead lines – Requirements and tests for fittings
    • IEC 61854-Overhead lines – Requirements and tests for spacers
    • IEC 61897-Overhead lines – Requirements and tests for Stockbridge type aeolian vibration dampers
    • IEC 60120-1984: Dimensions of ball and socket couplings of string insulator units
  • ASTM A153-Standard specification for zinc coating (hot-dip) on iron and steel hardware
  • ANSI C29.2-Wet Process Porcelain and Toughened Glass-Suspension Type
  • CSA C83-96-Communication and Power Line Hardware Electrical Engineering

Quality Control & Assurance

Major Projects


– Supply hardware & fittings to the OHTL projects in China

– 500kV AC Line Project:Nos. 264

– 750kV AC Line Project: Nos. 45

– ±400kV DC Line Project: Germu, Qinghai to Lhasa,Tibet

– ±660kV DC Line Project: Ningxia to Shandong

– ±800kV DC Line Projects:

  • Yunnan to Guangdong
  • Xiangjiaba to Shanghai
  • Jinping to Jiangsu
  • Nuozhadu to Guangdong
  • Hami to Zhengzhou
  • Jiuquan to Hunan

– 1000kV AC Line Projects:

  • Mengxi to South Tianjin
  • Ximeng to Shandong
  • Huainan to Nanjing to Shanghai
  • Zhejiang to Fuzhou
  • Huainan to Shanghai
  • Han River crossing line project (crossing span length: 1,650 meter)
(Han River Crossing Project)

Project Pictures of Tokyo Electric Power Grid

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